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Each project begins with your CAD drawings, typically the street location and perhaps the project colors and materials you have specified. With these drawings in place, outlines of the floor plan are traced and a 2D wall is formed that will next be extruded into a 3D form. The elevation drawings are then mapped onto the 3D surface creating a precise template to punch through windows and doors, adding ledges, moldings and all other structural 3D modeling. Next textures are carefully applied and colors are adjusted. When the structure is completed, populating with landscaping, people and vehicles are fundamental in adding realism, scale, lifestyle and context. Lighting, atmosphere like sun direction, shadows, cloud cover and time of day are all completely customizable. Several key views of your project are then rendered in minutes for a gallery of final images for your use in the field or whatever your marketing needs. Now everyone's on the same page. Presto!

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