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Since the age of 3, I could always be found drawing. Today is the culmination of a lifetime of exploring every art medium I could. I finally landed in a place I found fascinating and cerebrally challenging...the world of digital 3D. The Exhibit Lab (XL) is a small, specialized boutique offering big, vibrant carefully handcrafted renderings that embody aesthetic and technical attention to detail. 

I begin each and every project as a fresh and exciting adventure. From static 2D, black and white CAD files to glistening 3D structures that evolve with color, texture and light, for me, is a process to behold. XL strives to make your project make a difference, to uniquely stand out above the crowd. XL delivers technical accuracy with artistic brilliance. From a single rendered view to multiple angles, interior or exterior, static or animated, whatever your need for visualization or creative design, XL can deliver accurately, quickly and affordably! Contact The Xhibit Lab today to launch your next exciting adventure together!



Enter, the XHIBIT LAB Apple and PC OS power plant. A customized system designed to dance on command with speed and accuracy. A dedicated yet sometimes cantankerous helper not on the payroll. This is where CAD becomes a personalized 3D presentation. Stating the obvious: "Technology is only as good as it's user". XL understands that technology will always be one step ahead, and certainly cost, but having good state-of-the-art equipment and continually striving for excellence in training and practice will always afford us the best advantage. Technology at XL is simply a device, albeit an amazing one, that impliments our ideas and enhances our creativity. Talent, imagination and hard work...oh, and coffee is the fuel by which makes us humans second to none! 


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When I'm not tickling the computer keys, 

I switch to the electrified six strings of solid body and acoustic guitars. I started playing at age 10 and currently serve up my fretboard in our well-rounded Praise & Worship group at church. I find both design and music similarly energizing and gratifying. "Music is great to listen to, but even more enjoyable to play!"

Other life-long hobbies include anything in the great outdoors. Camping/bush crafting, hiking and backpacking, four wheeling in my Jeep is where I find peace. I once built a remote, off-grid cabin in Missouri's Ozark wilderness. I ultimately enjoy life with my adorable wife Nancy, an elementary school teacher, and our many friends and family. It's truly a blessing to have a strong partner in the mountains and the valleys of life. Faith and family, foremost. 

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